A Temporal Linear Logic Programming Language and its Compiler System

Mutsunori Banbara, Hideo Yoshikawa, and Naoyuki Tamura

Last modified: Wed Oct 31 18:19:24 2001 JST

The TLLP language is a logic programming language based on intuitionistic temporal linear logic, an integration of intuitionistic linear logic and temporal logic.

TLLP is a superset of Prolog and LLP, and it covers a significant fragment of (first-order) Lolli developed by J.Hodas and D.Miller.

TLLP can be seem as an extension of LLP with various temporal modalities. TLLP allows the use of modal operators '@'(next) and '#'(always ) in addition to '!'(bang). The intuitive meaning of these operators is as follows:

TLLP is distributed as free software for non-profit use.
Any comments and suggestions are welcome!

What's new

[Mar. 30 2001] TLLP version 0.13 is released.
[Feb. 14 2001] TLLP version 0.12 is released.


The newest package is tllp013.tar.gz (257KB, Released on March 30 2001).
To find out more about this application, please read: README, CHANGES, and BUILTINS.


You need the following systems to use TLLP compiler.


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