Links for Prolog in Java

Software Authors Features
Prolog Cafe Mutunori Banbara and Naoyuki Tamura A Prolog-to-Java source-to-source translator system
Programming Languages for the Java Virtual Machine and javascript link collection
Resources in Object-Oriented Logic Programming Paulo Jorge Lopes de Moura link collection
jProlog Bart Demoen and Paul Tarau A Prolog to Java translator
Open Code Projects BinNet Kernel Prolog and Free Prolog
Jinni BinNet A Prolog Compiler built in Java for Intelligent Mobile Agent Scripting and Internet Programming
MINERVA IF Computer A Prolog to Java compiler (commercial)
W-Prolog Michael Winikoff An interpreter for a Prolog like language implemented in Java.
XProlog Jean Vaucher the successor to Winikoff's W-Prolog
P# Jon Cook P# is a Prolog implementation which translates Prolog to C# source code.
tuProlog aliCE team Prolog (2P) is a Java-based light-weight Prolog interpreter (and related Java API) for systems engineering, suitable for open / dynamic environment.
PiLLoW CLIP Group of Technical University of Madrid Programming in (Constraint) Logic Languages on the Web
JIP Prolog Ugo Chirico JIP is a Java Internet Prolog is a cross-platform PureJava100% prolog interpreter.
PROLOG+CG Adil Kabbaj and Ulrik Petersen Prolog+CG is an implementation in Java of standard Prolog, but with extensions for handling the Conceptual Graph theory of John Sowa.
Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server Amzi! Inc. A tool for programmers to build intelligent components and embed them in any application, client or server
Jasper SICS A Java interface for SICStus Prolog
B-Prolog Neng-Fa Zhou B-Prolog provides a bi-directional interface with C and Java.
JIPL KLS Research Lab.,Inc. A Java interface to Prolog
InterProlog Miguel Calejo A Java front-end and enhancement for Prolog
BinProlog BinNet Lightweight Prolog to Java Interface: creates JVM and calls Java directly
KLIJava Satoshi Kuramochi A KL1 to Java Compiler and Runtime System
DJ (Declarative Java) Neng-Fa Zhou A language that amalgamates Java and Constraint Programming
JavaLog Alejandro Zunino
JLog JLog is a Prolog interpreter written in Java.
Prolog4J Prolog4J is a lightweight, easy-to-use programming interface over Prolog interpreters.

Mutsunori Banbara
Last modified: May 3rd 2010